Lucha De Carreteras, Take shortcut in Return of the monster ghost

Ran through this story race three times and took the shortcut all three times for the accolade Revelos Incredibles and it does not trigger at all. Hopefully I’m not the only one with this issue so it can be fixed.


Yep, I’m currently having this problem too. And I’m pretty sure that I’m using the cut that should trigger the accolade because of the narrator’s reaction after that.

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Same problem, really sucks. Here’s hopin this get’s fixed. I mean, even the announcer guy says I took the shortcut.

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i cant get it either … bugged!

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I just went back to try this myself. Took both the stated shortcut, and the second one later on, near the end.

Neither triggered it on xbox.

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Just Googled for the shortcut in game, this came up. Good to know I’m not the only one. Please fix, it’s the last one I need!

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I cant get it either. Im on Xbox.

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Same. I thought I was going crazy, I retried the mission 4-5 times, looked for all possible shortcuts. There was only one obvious one - but it’s bugged.

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Same.Also El Camino story"third statue of Tlaloc won’t give accolade either.I followed blue pathway at temple,took photo of all three statues when she mentions them and no accolade,smh

Encountered this as well. Accolade doesn’t fire.

Same thing here. The commentator even mentions me using the shortcut, so I know I’m doing it correctly

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I have the same… i have retried several times and doesn’t trigger. I’m on PC. Toro Loco is dissapointed :frowning:

Same here.

Four shortcuts won’t trigger for me.

Playing on series X.


at this point there are more bugs than cars in the game
PG outdid themselves with this one, amazing

Same problem for me

Same issue. Seeing quite a few accolades not triggering. Hopefully some patches will sort it out. Cannot get the complete without them.

Same issue here - glad I’m not the only one

I got the accolade, there is signs you have to drive through for the shortcut. Its a little bit into the race.

The shortcut is through 3 signs

Having the same issue with this on XboxOne X. Also is anyone having an issue where the car suddenly stops steering and plows straight on just for a second.