LP Racing Macan rally raid car request

if any1 looking to do a replica please consider this for a paint design. it’s another lp racing macan but i think it looks much better than the design used in the game.

this is the version of the macan i like to be recreated. same design but with more decals and a different number. video has good angles of the car for those who like to take this on.
LP Racing/Lónyai-Horn Porsche Macan Raid of the Champions 2017.. - YouTube]#3 lp racing macan

This is my older account forgot i was logged into it not my official microsoft account. still want this to get done.

That’s a reasonably simple design. Not a whole lot of complex, intricate stripes/splats. Looks like five or six individual decals. Four or five colors total for the background geometric. I suggest you start practicing, namely on this since you want it done so bad. That’s the same reason I began painting. Others’ decals weren’t quite right, and bothered me to Hell and back.

Who knows, you might even get bitten by the livery bug. :slight_smile:

yes the design seems simple. but there is a bunch of decals that needs to be recreated for the design to look more authentic.

May as well hop to it, then. A “bunch” is quite subjective. If you turn out to be a natural, this shouldn’t take you more than a few hours. I don’t mean to come across as facetious in saying that, I’m serious when I recommend you do it yourself. You might get someone here who will recreate it for you, but as I mentioned there may be just one thing that’s too far off to ignore. In the case the creator can’t be bothered to fix it, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Otherwise, best of luck in finding someone who will do it for you. In the case that person is reading this response, may as well charge this feller.