Loyalty Rewards/Seasonal Playlist

Hello everyone long time forza player. So I did not get all my loyalty rewards got early access not game pass. I got the senna but never got the others i’ve put 100’s of hours into all forza titles except motorsport 2. I did a full reset of console and re started the game still nothing. Is this a common issue? I am using a Xbox Series X And I am in the USA. Also other issue is the festivial playlist I have done some of the stuff but it’s not counting? I don’t want to miss the cars for the week. Thank you for the help!!

Region: US
Platform: XSX
Edition: Premium

Same here, I’m on PC but I also only received the Senna.

Me too, just Senna (i played FM7 and FH3)
I’m on Steam

I was having the same problem, just the Senna when i start the game. But after playingr like an hour or so, the other cars just pop in on my garage and car collection. I guess it´s just some bug and they will be rewarded eventually.

I had the same problem. But after I reached I think the 2nd festival I stopped playing and when I reloaded they all popped up except the McLaren P1. So that is now the only car I didn’t receive.

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Similar issue here. I got the loyalty cars for FH4 and FM7 but despite putting a bunch of hours into FH3 right through the Xbox PC app, just like how I have FH5 installed, no Lambo Centenario. Hopefully it pops in soon like it has for some.