Loyalty Cars/Free DLC lost if you start a new game?

So with the fix for the Warthog seemingly rolling out, I deleted my save game from everywhere so that I could free roam explore with the 'hog, only to discover that I no longer get awarded my loyalty cars from Forza Rewards, and all the free DLC cars now have a price tag.

This seems a bit harsh, not to mention unfair, as I now have to buy back all the loyalty cars, and the DLC cars.

Shouldn’t the game be able to recognise that you’ve started a new, and award you the unlocks as usual?

I hit this on Saturday as well, I have lost all my loyalty cars. Any way to recover?

No, you get them once at the first start of a Forza game, never again. And we still have this discussion after every launch. Best thing you can hope for is to delete your local save and recover it from Xbox Live, but that only works with accidental deletion and not starting a new one on purpose.

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How come the original Forza Horizon gifted me loyalty cars more than once then?

I restarted that game several times on Xbox 360, and was gifted the loyalty cars each time, and again when I was forced to restart via Xbox One backwards compatibility.