Low Streaming Bandwidth

I was really excited to play the game, but once I opened it I was greeted with absurd loading time, I understand that first time launch for the game could take long, but 20mins?? ( I am serious it took me 20mins just to see the intro screen )

Once I started driving around in the introduction, everything was perfect untill I had low streaming bandwidth, my map started vanishing. My fps is capped at 75 and it was staying there, not huge drops, but the map still didnt load, could it be a problem with my hardware or just horizon optimization? I have a mid tier PC id say, runs most modern games smoothly at lowest atleast.

My hardware-

Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 3 1300x 4core
16GB ram
rx570 4GB
250gb boot drive ( SSD, only boot no games )
4TB external
500gb from my old PC
64x bit

As I was saying, my game DOESNT lag, the game automatically put my graphics on medium that run perfectly fine, so could it be my HDD since I use my SSD for only boot? I need help with this, please.

-Clip of issue