Low-res/flickering shadows on Xbox One-X?

Okay, so not a complaint thread. Just looking for some opinions and general thoughts;

I’ve noticed shadows flickering in dash view as they move around certain parts of the car or sometimes outside the car, for example, under the wing. I tend to notice it more during full grid races and almost not noticeable at all while hot lapping.

Didn’t DF or T10 say that there’s 30% GPU overhead to spare on the One-X? Are you guys noticing low resolution dynamic shadows too inside or anywhere outside your car? A little odd to see this on such a powerful console. I’m not sure if I noticed the low-res/flickery shadows on the OG One.

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Just wanted to bump this up a little - can the devs please look into the shadow and lighting issues at night? As well as the really low-res/flickering cockpit shadows around certain parts of the dash during daytime races?

thanks a bunch - appreciate your hard work.

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