Low Res Car Pictures and other problems

1.) Some of my cars I own now for longer have their preview picture in the car selection menu set to a low res version - i notice the difference when I get a car I already own and the preview picture of the “new” car is crisp and sharp.

2.) Road Textures in the distance looks blurry and kinda… blocky…

3.) I still cant set Terrain Quality to extreme because the flower fields will tank my FPS completely. Have to set it on Ultra.

RTX 3080 OC
I play in 4k, 120hz on a GSync OLED (LG CX 65")
Everything in the graphics menu is set to the highest setting, except Terrain Quality is set to Ultra, Renderscaling is off, FXAA is off, MSAA is set to 4x, Motion Blur is set to short.
I have between 70 and 90 FPS most of the time, when flowers appear i drop below 40 on extreme terrain quality.

Are there any known fixes for those 3 problems?