'Love Bug' Beetle Madness Livery Competition! *Official Prizes With Turn10 Studios*

Competition Time!

Finally!! It’s here! We are so excited about this! :joy::partying_face::grin:
Our first competition in partnership with Turn10 Studios!
We have in-game Forza Horizon 5 prizes and features to be won!
Competiton entries will be running through March 1st - March 22nd 2022.
Details can be found on the competition poster and below!

In March 1969 ‘The Love Bug’ hit the big screens in the US and the world was introduced to Herbie. In celebration of one of the most well known and loved character cars of all time and because of the enduring love affair in Mexico with all things vocho. We are running a Volkswagen Beetle themed competiton. We want to see everything beetle so let’s see what you’ve got and create some of the craziest beetles you can make in game. There’s prizes for the best designs. We at the page look forward to seeing your creations.

Rules: Theme VW Beetle (any) Choice of five in-game cars. Design of your choice. Livery to be shared in Forza Horizon 5. Must be a member of our Facebook page to join. One entry per person!

Entry: Make a post on our Facebook page with your entry. Forza Horizon 5 Livery And Designs - Share Your Creations. 2-4 Photographs of your design, Sharecode and Gamertag.
Please clearly mark your post as a competition entry

Enter via our facebook page > Forza Horizon 5 Livery And Designs - Share Your Creations

1st Place Winner:

• 3 Super Wheelspins
• 4,000,000 (4m) Credits
• 1 obtainable cars of choice (No DLC or Pre-Order)
• Livery featured in-game for two weeks!

2nd Place Winner:

• 2 Super Wheelspins
• 2,000,000 (2m) Credits
• Livery featured in-game for two weeks!

3rd Place Winner:

• 1 Super Wheelspin
• 1,000,000 (1m) Credits
• Livery featured in-game for two weeks!

Runner-ups (4-6 places):

• Livery featured in-game for two weeks!

Thank You, Good luck.

That’s me out! I don’t/won’t do Facebook.
I’d have had a crack via this forum. This looks like a good competition… Ah well.

Question : If this is the first in conjunction with Turn10, why are the prizes so similar to others like the Retro Cartoon comp? What’s special about this? I’m not trying to be funny or awkward but I don’t see how their involvement makes a difference?

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Hello Nugsy.
Thank you for your reply and interest.
This is our facebook communities first competition with direct to player prize support. Although we have run competitions on our page before, this is the first event we’ve run with Turn10 support and as part of their calendar events.
We are an established Facebook community for Forza painters with lots of members that regularly share their work.
We will hopefully be running regular livery events so we will think about opening up a broader scope for entry the next time, including here on the Forza Horizon 5 Forum.

In answer to your question. These are currently the set prizes for all officially supported community competitions, so they are the same regardless of whom runs the event or what type of event, photo competitions, livery etc…