Lotus E23 Has Inaccurate HP Numbers

If anyone’s driven the new Lotus F1 car in Forza 6, you probably noticed that it has something like 930 hp. That’s pretty sweet, but that’s nowhere near the amount of power that today’s F1 engines actually produce, which is only about 600. Does anyone have any theories as to why Turn 10 decided to jack up the HP of the F1 car to levels that haven’t been seen in the series since 2005?

I’d hypothesise that it’d be the sum output of the whole power system.

Most recent estimations put the Mercedes hybrid unit with a peak output close to 900bhp in maximum attack modes. As much as 700bhp from the internal combustion engine, 160 from the MGU-K and another 30+ from the MGU-H. The rival units are notably behind.

It’s probably overstated a bit in the Lotus not least as it’s a customer unit, but likely not by as much as you might think. It’s probably a bit more complexity than Turn 10 can be bothered with to start including energy harvesting mode outputs simulations and so on and so forth just for that one car. I mean, it’s not like they add an average weight of a driver or fuel etc onto models. Forza 6 is a sim, but not a super focused sim…


What he said. The two electric engines add quite a bit of power. The MGU-K is capped at 160bhp by the regs, but there’s no cap to the MGU-H, and Mercedes squeezes more out of that than the other suppliers. I read an interesting article the other day about why Honda’s engine is so down on power, and a lot of it is down to the harvesting of energy by the two MGU components, but that’s a different topic.

Sorry to go off-topic, but can you send me a link to this article please?

I would imagine this is the sort of article he is talking about

Thank you :smiley: I will read this with my coffee.

That is exactly the article I was talking about.

Nobody really knows exactly how much hp this year’s F1 cars have, but like everyone says last years Mercedes is estimated around 760-900hp. The MGUK hybrid boost added about 160 hp to the crankshaft for a little more than 30 seconds per lap. The MGUH added even more hp based on the heat streams coming out of the engine, and this is a more constant boost. Now add that Mercedes claims this year they added another 50hp (although 20hp is actually believed) this year, and subtract the fact that Lotus obviously makes much less power. I don’t think Forza simulates any of this so they just add it all together as a constant linear power figure, so 930 hp is about right.

Lotus is running Mercedes power these days, so while their engines are not quite as powerful as the works team, they’re not off by much. The performance difference is almost entirely down to the chassis.

Lotus runs a Renault engine which is why Renault are trying to buy the tem outright as a works outfit.

The only teams that still run Renault are the Red Bulls (both Red Bull Racing and Torro Rosso). Lotus runs Mercedes this year. The reason Renault is looking to buy Lotus is because RB is very publicly getting out of the Renault contract due to their lack of performance and Renault wants to stay in F1.

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Have a close look on the engine cover of the E23 in Forza 6. Try photo mode. ‘Powered by…’

No idea where youve been but id check your facts before posting them in public view
And frankly unless your name is Toto or Paddy id say you’re fairly unqualified to state power outputs of the current F1 engine, sure magazines/journalists may be very close to the real figure but only Mercedes can say for sure.

I think the bigger problem is the noise, gear ratios and the complete undrivability of the car. Play F1 then play FM6…its stupid seeing as they had the old e21 pretty well modelled

My apologies I was wrong. They did indeed switch to MERCEDES.

i think that the f1 E29 is without tcs nearly undriveable. i can´t believe that the cars are that hard to accelerate out of corners. so my question is. are the cars really have this 900 hp everytime? i ever thought that the eunits needs some time to be loaded. i think it would make more sense to have the max power over 70 mph like the lmp1 hybrid cars in real. okay there is other backround with the awd behind. but i´m pretty sure that the f1 cars are not that hard to control on the throttle. maybe they have more grip or less torque on low rpms. it would be interesting what a f1 driver think about that. but no one who is paid from any simracing game.

First question: Do they have this 900bhp all the time? Depends on which engine unit we’re talking about. Some likely don’t even make that peak like the Honda unit. You’re only allowed what equates to 33 seconds per lap of the 160bhp electrical MGU-K boost from the battery pack. This is enough for most circuits on the F1 calendar (you’re not on the throttle wide open much longer than this at many circuits)

You actually have to harvest enough energy (from braking or from the generator attached to the turbine) and put it into the battery pack to deploy this every lap. If your engine or setup isn’t efficient enough to do this (The Honda again!) e.g you can only get enough for 20s of full power boost per lap, then you aren’t gonna get the full electrical boost for a full lap, lap after lap in the race. Once you use up the energy, all you have left is the internal combustion engine and the smaller amounts from the turbine, which is 160bhp less than peak power.

This explains why something like the Mclaren Honda may enter a straight with maybe 860bhp, and before it ends are running on just 700bhp so completely stop accelerating while the better units like the Mercedes are still on full power, those cars breezing past.

Is this represented in Forza 6? No, because it’s just complicated. You have all sorts of power modes and settings and high harvesting modes and high deployment modes to manage the electrical energy you harvest, store and deploy.

As for the control on the throttle thing, this is what engine and throttle maps are all about. If you manufacture the engine, you can mostly customise (within the rules) the way the engine delivers it’s power and torque relative to the throttle travel the driver has under his foot, again with a tonne of different modes. Fuel saving modes, special wet weather power delivery maps and so on. Just these two things explains the crap loads of buttons on F1 steering wheels, then you have a bunch of other settings you can adjust too, diff, brakes, clutch etc etc…that’s another story

Does Forza 6 have this? No. for the same reasons already covered. It’s not really intended to be that in depth.

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Double post my bad

They are hard to drive.

I know its like riding a charging bull though a crowded beach, certainly a handful.