Lots of Rare Cars for Sale

Hello, fellow drivers!

I´ve made a list of the rare cars that I own. (NOTE: Not all of them are for sale)
If you find a car/cars interesting, message me. GT: SlouchyTundra99, Instagram: fh4_photos (I respond quicker through IG)
Please go see my pics on IG

Some of the cars have too low buyout so I first sell an expensive car like Quartz Regalia. Also be prepared for someone to snipe the car before you.

Anyways, here we go:

Rare / Hard-to-Find cars:

-Bugatti Divo
-Buick GSX
-ATS GT (2018)
-Lamborghini Aventador SV LP 750-4 (2016)
-Lamborghini Huracan Performante
-Lamborghini Diablo GTR
-Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo
-Hummer H1
-Apollo I. E.
-Audi TT RS (2010) x2
-Aston Martin DBS Superleggera
-AMC Rebel ‘The Machine’
-Rossion Q1
-Rover SD1 Vitesse
-Rimac Concept 2
-Mini Cooper Convertible
-Mini X-Raid (AWD Off-roader)
-Mini John Cooper Works GP (2012)
-Maserati Levante S
-McLaren 12C Coupe
-McLaren Speedtail
-McLaren 720s Spider
-McLaren 600lt
-Mosler MT900S x2
-Morris Mini-Traveler
-Lexus LFA
-Lotus 2-Eleven x2
-Lotus Elise 111s x2
-M-B. Gt 4-door x2
-M-B. X-Class x2
-M-B. E63 AMG (2013)
-Ford SVT Cobra R (1993)
-Ford Crown Victoria
-Ford Supervan 3
-Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (2011)
-Ford XB Falcon GT x2
-Ferrari 599XX Evo
-Ferrari Portofino
-Ferrari 488 Pista (2019)
-Fiat Dino 2.4 Coupe
-Italdesign Zerouno
-Jeep Wrangler Unlimited DeBerti Design
-Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (2014) x2
-Koenigsegg CCX
-Koenigsegg CCGT
-Chevy Corvette Z28
-#777 Chevy Corvette Formula Drift
-Chevy Impala SS
-Chevy Chevelle SS
-VW I.D. R
-VW Golf R (2010)
-VW Global RallyCross Beetle
-VW Type 3 1600L (1967)
-VW Karmann-Ghia
-Hoonigan Napalm Nova x2
-Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evo
-“Hoonigan Porsche” 911 Rauh-Welt Begriff
-Honda Civic Type-R (2004)
-Honda Civic Type-R (2018)
-Honda NSX-R (2005) x2
-KTM X-Bow GT4
-Subaru Impreza WRX STi “Blobeye”(2004) x2
-Nissan GTR-LM Nismo x2
-Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo
-Napier Railton
-Porsche Cayenne (2018)
-Porsche Cayman 718 (2019)
-Porsche 356 SL Gmund Coupe
-Porsche 911 Guntherwerks
-Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455
-Plymouth Fury
-Toyota Supra Mk3
-Toyota 2000gt
-Zenvo ST1 x2
-Vauxhall Corsa (2009)

Forza Edition Cars:

-Aventador LP 700-4
-Caterham Superlight
-Chevrolet Nova SS (1969)
-Ford Falcon x2
-Renault Clio (2010)
-Renault 5 Turbo (1980)
-Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 (1984)
-Land Rover Series III
-Alumi Craft Class 10 Race Car x2
-Aston Martin Vulcan x3
-Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
-Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio x2
-Lambo Reventon
-Nissan GTR-LM Nismo
-M-B. SL 65 AMG Black Series
-BMW M6 Coupe
-BMW M5 Coupe
-Bentley Continental GT Speed
-VW Type 2 De Luxe x2

Preorder Cars: (I´ve heard these cannot be put on sale, exept the DB11)

-Ford Focus RS
-Nissan GT-R
-Aston Martin DB11

Feel free to message me and name the price you´re willing to pay.
Hope I´ll hear from you!



I also have an extra J. Bond Edition Aston Martin, I dont own the Best of Bond car pack, contact me if you want it for the smallest buyout.

Nvm. Got what I was after.

Offering 100 million for your LFA

(A Ton of Other Rare Cars Added)


Hey SlouchyTunder99,

If you sell your Lamborghini Huracan Performante, McLaren 12C Coupé and the Ferrari 599XX Evo I want to buy all three cars. When you are interested we can make a package price.
And also you know anyone they have the Renault Alpine A110 2017, because I also want to buy this car.


hi i have a spare alpine only selling it for max price

Hi how much for ur 12c

would mind selling me ur Crown Vic
how much

Hi, a few guys including my friend have asked for it. My friend can do 2M, the other guy has not replied yet. I’d be happy to get 5M+ or trade it for a rare car.

hi if u have insta go follow me @boglet07 do u want a porsche 911 gt3 rs 2019 ill do a trade

How much for a huracán performante and hoonigan rs200. I am willing to pay somewhere between lowest price to 20 million credits. I have 30 million on my account currently.

I got the Hoonigan, message me on Xbox: shilon1234

10+ new cars added

Hey SlouchyTundra99, has the Aston Martin DB 11 PO gone yet?

Hello there,

I have been a keen collector on the game for a while now. I have a Ford Capri RS3100 FE which i would be willing to sell for a price. On top of this i have a few other rare cars.