Lost tokens and vehicle, sent by microsoft

Hey I had made a purchase for a bunch of tokens, used them, and immediatly after had no car no left over tokens from my purchase or tokens i had before. I contacted xbox live and confirmed i made these purchases but coyld not refund me or fix the issue and sent me to cantact moderators here. Can you help??

You aren’t the only one. I’m suffering from the glitch and have been documenting it with pictures. If it doesn’t get resolved this could prove to be fatal to the franchise depending on how widespread it is.

I’m having the same issue. tried to purchase a 2h accelerator bonus, tokens were removed but no accelerator bonus applied.

Same here !!! I’ve spend £10 on token . They were on my screen nd then they glitch out :frowning: I rang Xbox. They wouldn’t refund me Just told me to go in the forum and try here

Don’t use tokens. They are pointless. The way credits and levels stack up so quickly there should be no need for them.

Regardless of the usefullness of tokens, when somebody pays for a something and doesnt recieve it they must be compensated or refunded. Why is it so hard? Its just data, nothing physical. This isnt new tricky technology either.

Hey All This has also just happened to me, I had like 4500 tokens Turned my xbox one on the next day and all of my tokens were gone!!! I got RIPPED OFF by Turn 10 and can not contact anyone!!! Can anyone assist me with this PLEASE

It is insane, the xbox support person could view that i bought the tokens and could see what i used them on but couldnt do a thing about it. I am now afraid of buying anything from any xbox marketplace.

And why are we all stuck with this problem? The microsoft support person also told me a moderator on the forum would contact ME once I posted and clear this up. I post and get other people with this problem. Am I supposed to forget about this and consider my money spent nothing?

Moderators can not help you one bit with a game issue. We moderate the forums and make sure everyone follows the rules.

As far as tokens, read this post.


Same here all my tokens are gone and I show 0, even after purchasing an additional 125 three nights ago