lost my game

I have been playing forza horizon on xbox 360, and my xbox just broke. I changed it and I lost all my gamesave for nothing. Is that possible to get my last game? Because I have more than 3 years of playing.
Thank you all.

Your savegame is in the cloud when your console has uploaded it right. Just sync your data (this can take some hours) on your new console.

How does the save system work. I lost about 1 hour progress, after doing 3 hard bucket list challanges from the second list. When I came back today, it gave a sync error and when I went into the game, the progress was lost! I feel for you guys as in comparisssion you have lost so much more compared to me.

Is there a correct way to save. Is saving the game offline then next time playing the game with XBOX live causing these sync errors? Does the cloud online save always over-write youe hard disk save.
I am now scared to play this sgame now after reading about people loosing there saves!

I am confused how people are loosing data. What should you do if you get a sync error. I hate this sync thing! I just want to save it locally to my hard disk and not let the internet interfere and cause problems. If you are playing offline and the game saves to your hard disk, does going online later cause your hard disk save to be deleted and over-written by the cloud save? Do you have to be always on Xbox live to prevent loss of data/syncc problems. I really don’t like the new generation of consoles - Large patch updates, tons of bugs,long installation. I play my xbox 360 more than my xbox one!

my forza horizon 2 glitched and reset all my completed achevements need help xbox one