Lost my CR in forza horizon 3

Hello there I am in need of some help. Since forza horizon 3 came out I have been trying to save as much money as I can. I have bought a few cars and also won a few cars from wheel spins. But I just recently got up to 12,000,000 CR and I didn’t spend any of it because I want to keep saving it up and well the next time I loaded onto forza horizon 3 mostly all of it was gone and I have like 50,000 CR left. I am pretty upset about this and would love some help and to get my 12,000,000 CR back onto my game. Please help.

I had a smart response but decided to remove it. I guess you could try asking t10 via the email.

What’s there email?


forzafb@microsoft.com You’ll get an automated response from this address but a little patience may pay off in the long run. They do read the email they get.

I emailed them 2-3 days ago and they still haven’t replied to me.

I emailed them 2-3 days ago and they still haven’t replied.

It could take more than a couple of days to get a reply, and I wouldn’t be surprise if it took weeks. Much depends on how many other players are reporting this problem before the devs can establish a pattern and work towards pushing out a solution.

If it’s just you with this problem then as I posted above a little patience may be in order here. They’ll have investigate your case and just this could take a long time. Just enjoy the game and you’ll see your savings grow again.

Are you playing the game on the PC?

No I am playing the game on the Xbox one.

You did something. I doubt you found some glitch that takes your money away.

Well I don’t know what I did. I had all my money and the next time I loaded into the game it’s gone. Don’t try to accuse me of doing something when I clearly didn’t do it and came here to ask for help. I have emailed them about 4 times they have not replied back to me I am really mad about this it makes no sense.