lost game save data

Havnt played my xbox one in about a month get on and for some reason some weird car is in the forza 6 home screen which i’ve never used start digging through and realizing that i’ve lost a good 3/4 of my cars…i realized this by the fact that i had zero chevy cars when i know i had at least a few and would never sell them due to be a chevy guy and to top it off i have affinity level 7 with chevy but no cars or no favorite car…after messing around for a bit i found my original files on my console but low and behold somehow the cloud saved over the console data without my knowing and a few restarts later i am stuck with this really messed up save file from the cloud. Along with 3/4 of my cars being gone i think i have like 7 or 8 that are not the team forza ones at best along with all the cars being gone all my tokens except 100 and money is gone as well except maybe 1mil…my completed races and lap times data is still there it looks like but all the other stuff that was previously mentioned is gone. I have already contacted xbox/microsoft support and they have exhausted all options they have. This is of huge importance to me cause i went out and spent all this money to get an xbox one for the sole reason of playing the forza series of games only and this is just a ridiculously huge set back. I would like to know what can be done if anything that can be done

thanks microsoft cloud great 2 day early birthday gift