Lost everything with cloud transfer!!!!

I was trying to transfer all my forza 4 information to another hard drive. So not having done this before, here are the steps I took. 1st transferred all cloud info to the hard drive. Bad move! Then transferred from old hard drive to the new. Turned on forza with new hard drive and I started off basically brand new. Level 1 driver, no credits, no cars, no tuning setups and no game achievements. What stuck were my hot lap times. And of course my personal driving skill :blush:. I don’t know if this can be remedied. If not I’ve lost over 450 cars and god only knows how many setups and paint configurations. And tips? Help me Turn 10, your my only hope. Thanks, Whiskey pie

This is actually a known issue. If they hadn’t got rid of the old forum threads you could have found info regarding this. There were several threads that talked about FM4 and cloud storage not getting along. A lot of people, like you, found out the hard way. Microsoft never fixed it unfortunately. I may be wrong but, unless you still have the original save on your old hard drive, or it’s still on the cloud, I think you may be out of luck.


Yep, pretty sure you are out of luck. I did the same thing, but your paints and tunes might still be there, as they are on a separate save than your main game file. I lost over 450 cars (about 8 unicorns), and was a level 200 approximately. But, through the help of people on the forums and just putting more time into it, I got most or all my cars back, and I’m back to about 140 on my driver level. If you need any help getting some cars back, let me know, and I’ll try to help you out. Gamertag: Grod182 - just send me a message on Xbox Live, make sure you tell me what it’s about.