Lost credits


I’ve had a look through and forgive me if I’ve missed a tread with this in already.
I’d just finished drag racing online, went in to upgrade a car and it said insuficants funds, or something along those lines. I had roughly 1.7mill in credits!! I’ve been playing the forza franchise since forza 2 so not as if I don’t know how it works. Any ideas?


Could you have signed in on a different account? Beef Pipe is driver level 58

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I don’t think so. I had all of my deigns and cars I normally had and I was in the same place championship in the game I normally am. It’s strange!

TBH I don’t have a clue how many CR i have even though I play daily so any loss would go un-noticed for me. I tend to go back to a few K after levelling up and buying another car. It’s once I’m that low in credits that I quit out.

edit: Have you got the money wrapped up on a forgotten auction bid? Might be worth checking to see if its there :slight_smile:

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Wait, what is exactly the problem?
Is it:
A) You have 1,7 million cr but can’t buy upgrades.
B) You had 1,7 million cr but now you lost all/most of it.

Had and lost! I was upgrading a vw karmen gear. Wasn’t paying attention to the cost of the bit assuming it wouldn’t use 1.7 mill

And you only replaced a gear box? Nothing else? Like accepting an offered car for leveling up?

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