Lost Cars

I have recently repurchased forza horizon and all of the cars in my garage are gone. I dont have a single car. Yet i still have my online rank and a couple cars still in my club garage. Is there any way that i can get all of my cars back?

What did you do with your save?

I still have it, i just stopped playing the game for quite some time. only to realize when i wanted to play it again, all my cars were gone, yet a few were still in the car club garage.

When you play is it actually accessing that save? The cars in the club garage stay there so others in your club can use them when you aren’t around, same for the online rankings etc.

when i go to play, it starts me over at the beginning of the horizon festival, so i dont think so. but i had the festival complete, so would that make me start over?

No it wouldn’t - sounds like the save is missing or is corrupt. Check the save file doesn’t have a yellow /!\ symbol next to it and that when you start the game you are selecting the right location for it. Have yo moved/copied the save at all?