Lost cars, money, driver level, designs

Hi my gamer tag is LION OF JUDAH92 I’ve recently lost all my cars, my level, my 20 million credits and my designs. I have tried contacting everyone I can to try and help but it’s not working. Please can you help as I’ve spent what seems like thousands of hours playing forza 5 just to be “lost” please help…

I’ve read similar topics and tried everything. Nothings working. Any other suggestions?

Yes do what I did, contact MS support chat on xbox.com. If you have spent your own money on tokens, DLC etc. Then ask for a refund, I got my money back. The downside is they will make you jump through hoops first. That is - Delete and re download profile, delete other things, then when these don’t work they will then tell you to uninstall the game, then reinstall. With the updates this could take hours. So you will then have to contact them again but make sure you keep the reference number the first chat assistant gives you or you will have to do everything again. Once in second chat session tell them about the money you have spent and would like a refund. They will then check your account and make you a one time offer of a refund. They will then explain that you will have to start from the beginning to build everything up again. Don’t even bother contacting Turn 10 (which I did and no reply). They have their head in the sand regarding this. Their only hope is that we are gullible enough to buy Horizon 2. Good luck