It’s been 3 years since I lost my stats. After mailing, tweeting and messaging T10, still no results. Not even a reply. Now, 3 years later, I’ll give it another shot. Please restore my data and progress. Or at least answer.

This game came out 2 years ago, what stats are you talking about?

If your game save was corrupted, there is no recovery.

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Talking about FH2, posted here since there is no more FH2 tab. I started FH2 and it started syncing, then said sync failed. Now I’m back to a lvl 1

Go to all forum, horizon 2. Won’t matter though, if it’s corrupt, it’s gone. Could email forzafb@microsoft.com, they might compensate you with credits equivalent to what you had on hand, and what your garage value was, but that’s about it.

I wouldn’t use all caps with them if you do though, making a polite presentation will most likely get better results.

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Same thing happened to me. On my forza hub it tells me all my stats. I have over 50 cars and my driver level is over 100 but when im in the game nothing is there.

Once gone it’s gone though

Oh the capitals are just to get more attention. I posted 2 posts 3 years ago including the same text, one with and one without capitals. The one with caps got over 700 views while the other one barely made it to 50. Either way, I’ll try mailing them again, thank you for your time.

I wasn’t talking about here, was talking about the email address, this is the internet, of course it’ll get more views. Everyone is always looking for the next big car wreck.