lost all data. need help please!!

(i am playing on a xbox one s) i was playing the game then it began freezing up and stuttering so i quit out and did a hard rest of the xbox one(the system was also running a little slow)
when i turned it back on and booted up the game it proceeded to start as if i had never played the game at all.
so i uninstalled the game ,reinstalled it and downloaded the update and it still starts me at the beginning again.
though when i check on my stats it says that i have played it for plenty of hours and that i have plenty of progress completed.
is there any way to get my save back,maybe a past cloud save(dont know if thats possible) i dont know what to do. really like the game and dont want to start back at the beginning.
any help would be appreciated.

Your only chance of getting your save back is to delete your local save then restart the game and let it sync to the cloud (never cancel this no matter how long it takes). Unfortunately, if you’ve been playing online both saves will be the same. Every Xbox one game has only 1 cloud save

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