Losing the tire "controller vibration" effects (or sort of)

Hi people!

Something’s been happening to me a lot lately (it did happen a bunch of times in the past, but now it’s super frequent) : I do lose the tire controller vibration effect. Not the engine, not the gears, not the brakes, but all of a sudden, the car feels spongy. I can hear the tires squeak if I make them, but no feedback on the controller.

Seems to happen most of the time in MP (but then again, I mostly play MP, so…). The good side of things, is that in last week’s leagues, driving the old ferrari 166lm was super fun, playing with the weight of the car to help it turn. :slight_smile: Other than that, it’s super weird to drive anything since I don’t really feel the limit of tire grip anymore.

Controller batteries are nearly fully charged, of course.

Does anyone suffer from this behavior?



I use a Fanatec P1 wheel on a V2.5 Base on XboxOne and after the Dec update my system has lost all road feel on turns. I used to get a “scrubbing” effect if in a turn and I turned the steering so far that the tires lost traction. Now it’s like I’m on ice, no feel at all. Went back to Forza 6 and everything is normal. Because of the Dec FFB update I can’t play Forza 7. I don’t know how what I’m experiencing can be compared to a controller but it sounds like a similar effect

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It sure does :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed on Homestead there is one rumble strip that does not set off the controller vibrations. Can’t really say I’ve noticed it missing otherwise. Do you play PC or Xbox?

I play on Xbox.

As a small follow up: happens even when connected to USB. Usually, rebooting the console makes it work back a bit (I can’t remember if closing FM7 is enough, though).