Looking to start a Championship of sorts... (Read the Whole Thing, Plz)

Greetings, fellow Forza player. Glad to see you clicked on this topic, as it shows you’re interested in the challenge I am about to set before you. I know Forza Horizon 4 is coming any time now, so I thought I’d give this great game a proper send-off. For the past few months, I’ve been assembling a team of top-tier cars similar to the Most Wanted of, well, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. And here is the result: The TVM Elite. (The TVM stands for Terminal Velocity Motorsport, copyright of yours truly) These guys are a band of Fifteen rulers of the road, five for three different classes, A, S1 and S2. To move up the list in an attempt to take down the TVM Elite, you’ll first have to win a race on a selected track, and then go head-to-head with each member on their Fast Track - their best route. Note that you cannot challenge a team member until you beat the member one rank below them. Here is the current list of the team.

Rank Fifteen: Supernova
Class: A
Car: 2015 Polaris RZR 100 EPS Rockstar Edition
Fast Track: Switchback Trail
Bio: Supernova’s Polaris may not look like much, but that mini-monster packs a punch in acceleration and maneuverability, which are both key on the Switchback Trail, which is littered with tight chicanes and hairpins. As the entry-level racer for new challengers, Supernova is prepared to give a fair challenge to all newcomers, though in the end, he isn’t after the fame. He’s just here for a good time.

Rank Fourteen: Tensira
Class: A
Car: 2016 Honda Civic Type-R
Fast Track: North Desert Trail
Bio: Tensira is always in a rush, seeing as how she runs her own business in Surfer’s Paradise. This means she’s barely got time to race you, so try to keep up with her snappy handling and quick brakes as you dash through the winding North Desert Trail.

Rank Thirteen: Spectre
Class: A
Car: 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Fast Track: Three Bridge Circuit
Bio: Spectre, the oldest and most valuable racer on the TVM Elite team, is here to bring classic racing pedigree back to it’s former glory. Decked out in racing aerodynamics and carbon fibre trim, this speedy sophisticate is ready to show all oncoming challengers who’s boss, especially on his Fast Track: The Three Bridge Circuit, a loop with long straights for acceleration and sharp, unforgiving 90 degree corners for grip and downforce.

Rank Twelve: Torpedo
Class: A
Car: 2011 Audi RS3 Sportback
Fast Track: City Tour Sprint
Bio: Torpedo is the textbook definition of a sleeper car: Looks slow, but is anything but in reality. When he’s not racing, he’s a family man, as evidenced by his car of choice. But BE WARNED: Under that calm demeanor and decal-coated hood is a 6.2 Liter V8 that would leave most stock S2 Class cars in the dust. 0-100 in under 5 Seconds and a Top Speed reaching 240 MPH show that Torpedo is a true sleeping dragon, so be ready for anything once you race him on the City Tour Sprint.

Rank Eleven: Lambda
Class: A
Car: 1992 Ford Escort Cosworth
Fast Track: Gold Mine to Highway Run
Bio: Torpedo may have been crazy, but Lambda here was just a little bit crazier, sporting a higher Handling stat, and, somehow, and even more bonkers straight-line stride. Once a rowdy rally racer, now a fine-tuned street beast ready for an asphalt assault at any given time. His pastime of choice? Dodging traffic cars at high speed, something his Fast Track, the Gold Mine to Highway Run, will have you doing a lot. Lambda’s the only thing between you and S1 Class competition - and you can bet he’s gonna make you work for it.

Rank Ten: Hunter
Class: S1
Car: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Fast Track: Highway Circuit
Bio: Let me get one thing straight: S1 Class competition on the TVM Elite team is fierce as all-get-out, which is evidenced by Hunter being the Rank Ten racer. Originally, he was the fastest street racer known to S1. And while times have changed, his lightning-quick acceleration, respectable top speed and ambiguous demeanor haven’t. So once you set off on the Highway Circuit to challenge him, know that Hunter isn’t gonna just give the win to ya.

Rank Nine: M.W. (Most Wanted)
Class: S1
Car: 2008 BMW M3
Fast Track: First to the Beach
Bio: Similar to Hunter, M.W. holds an infamous track record among the street racing community, and still does to this day. Packing an 8.4 Liter V10 and a Liberty Walk widebody kit for extra flair, this slammin’ sedan is ready to pack a punch as you race to be First to the Beach. (And yes, this is a reference to the NFS M3 GTR.)

Rank Eight: Ken Block (Yes, THAT Ken Block)
Class: S1
Car: 2016 Ford Focus RS RX Gymkhana Nine
Fast Track: North Plains Scramble
Bio: What were you expecting, the Spanish Inquisition? It’s Ken Block, cut and dry. His CAR, though, that’s a different story. This reigning rallycross champ has proven itself as a king of Mixed Surface racing, with great acceleration and a turning power both on and off the road that trumps his top speed issue. Let’s hope you’ve got a versatile build in mind once you head to his Fast Track: the North Plains Scramble.

Rank Seven: Wild Thing
Class: S1
Car: 2016 Ariel Nomad
Fast Track: Dry Reservoir Trail
Bio: The name says it all. Wild Thing is just hands-down insane. Whether it be the 3.0 Liter Racing V8 stashed in the back, the weight of a feather ticked up on helium, or the fact that you’ll be taking every turn with the back end kicked out, this nutsy Nomad also knows his Fast Track, the Dry Reservoir Trail, like the back of his hand. Let’s hope you know it better.

Rank Six: Zephyr
Class: S1
Car: 1998 Nissan R390
Fast Track: West Mountain Run
Bio: As the top racer in S1 Class asphalt racing, Zephyr has a reputation to uphold. And he’s all about two things: Grip and Downforce. These two things make him a bullet around corners, and those tires will stick to the asphalt like glue, meaning acceleration is just what you’d expect it to be: Quick. The one thing you’ll need most of to beat Zephyr is reactions, and trust me, you’ll need it. Because the West Mountain Run is a track that demands your undivided attention, and if you can’t do that. then there’s no hope for you.

Rank Five: Slipstream
Class: S2
Car: 2015 McLaren 650S
Fast Track: High Speed Desert Trail
Bio: The S2 Competition is, figuratively and literally, top of the class. And so is this guy: Slipstream, the ultimate Rally Supercar. Built like your traditional rally monster, with a mid-mounted engine, lightweight body, bouncy suspension and tires specialized for the dirt, Slipstream may just be the fastest thing on the dirt you’ve seen. Can you be faster around the High Speed Desert Trail?

Rank Four: Jade
Class: S2
Car: 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
Fast Track: Rolling Meadows Circuit
Bio: If there was one word to describe Jade, it would be elegance. She’s elegant at a standstill, elegant at 230 MPH, and elegant in leaving you in the dust. So don’t let her! Jade, similar to Zephyr, is a force to be reckoned with around corners and in a straight line, specializing in high-speed chicanes and late braking. Only the best have what it takes to be faster than this five-of-a-kind fashionista, and you’ll have to bring more than your best around her Fast Track: the Rolling Meadows Circuit.

Rank Three: Aurora
Class: S2
Car: 2016 Pagani Huayra BC
Fast Track: Grand High Speed Sprint
Bio: All I can say is, Aurora is FAST. Like, really fast. Most people underestimate her for her lower horsepower, but that’s the last time they’ll make THAT mistake. Aurora is all about acceleration at high speed and keeping cool through bends, thanks to her high downforce provided by “Maximum Pointy Bits”, as BlackPanthaa would say. Her Fast Track, the Grand High Speed Sprint, is nothing but wicked fast corners, meaning you’ll have to be quick AND nimble to take the Number Three spot.

Rank Two: Terminal Velocity
Class: S2
Car: 2015 Koenigsegg One:1
Fast Track: Goliath Circuit
Bio: For those of you from my DeviantArt community, you might be surprised to find that Terminal Velocity, who is basically my online persona, is only Rank Two. But, hey: You can’t always get what you want. And for just about everyone else, that thing you wanted was a win against T.V. on his Fast Track, the infamous Goliath Circuit. He is the TVM Elite team’s all-rounder, specializing in, well, just about everything, especially straight line speed. His name’s Terminal Velocity for a reason. He’s the only racer standing between you and a shot at the king - and as the founder of the TVM Elite, he’s not going down without a good fight.

Rank One: ???
Class: S2
Car: ???
Fast Track: ???
Bio: Very little is known about the TVM Elite Team’s Number One racer, which mainly stems from the fact that this racer took the throne VERY recently. Hell, I’m the guy who created this character, and even I’m completely in the dark about it. All I know is that it took this spot for a reason, and that it’ll only reveal it’s face to those who took down Terminal Velocity. All I can say is, good luck with THAT.

And… that’s all I really have to say. My goal is to get this little event of mine noticed by the Forza Devs, so if you want to support this event, please let me know in the comments below, and if you have a particular standing in the community, such as RyeKingKilla, I would appreciate it if you could get this notice to the big guys. I will give an event date once enough people show they are interested. Thanks, and have a good one.