Looking to join a forza team/garage

Hey all, I’m looking to join a forza garage or team, one that will carry over to forza 6, reply if your in one and looking for new members

Team FTW


Is that For The Win? By the way this is the same guy (H00TERVILLE) this is just my new account. And could you tell me a little about FTW?

We used to be one of the top teams in forza but our numbers have slowly dwindled so we are aiming more towards being a fun team who play together and can be serious when needed.

Ftw means many things we are fun times worldwide :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like something I definitely want to join, how many people are in FTW? And is Forza the primary game being played?

I think 4 at the moment and we play a variety of games but forza is what brought us all together