Looking to buy 2004 subaru WRX sti

Am interested in getting the 04 sti as my luck with the wheel spin is horrible. Hoping someone owns it and doesn’t care for it.

Didn’t see any. Is it available yet? Or maybe it will be “opened” in some future seasons? Does anyone have one already? After Mitsubishi (with MR VIII) disappeared I don’t even have an option) Love them both.

I’ve got at least one of them. Fast car but is it really that rare? I know for a fact I have sold 3 or 4 of them in the AH. Not even a very expensive car.

I got one 6Mcr

Have one message if interested we can talk about price GT:ST3ALTHYP3NGU1N

lol this post is over a year old… They’re readily available in auction house for any one who wants them now.