Looking to build a mature crew 18+ READ

Hi, i am playing on xbox one and the servers are riddled with 12 year olds in their chrome veyrons or whatever, i am a very active player and play pretty seriously at times. I would like to build a crew with mature and tasteful members, people who like to just cruise along at times and don’t feel the need to go flat out everywhere. I want people to have cars that aren’t all maxed out for the sake of it and have more realistic upgrades, putting tasteful mods on cars is half the fun of the game in my opinion. I know forza is not a simulator and even i like to blast round the goliath circuit in my SV from time to time, but i enjoy cruising down the highway doing pulls or through the canyon’s at realistic speeds more fun. Members should have car control down and be able to drive with other players without smashing into anything… This crew will favor all car types, if you’re into japanese cars, german cars, supercars, gt3 racers, muscle cars or whatever that’s okay as everybody has their favorites. I hope players will form their own groups within our crew, the drifters, racers, cruisers or just tuners, everyone who is serious about the idea is welcome and has a place here!

I haven’t yet created a crew as i was waiting to see if anyone thinks its a good idea and/or would like to join, any name suggestions would be good too! Join me, the crew for serious players.