Looking to bring drivers over to TORA

I am looking for drivers who are not yet on TORA or are not established yet, having only done a few races on TORA (The Online Racing Association)

Here is some information to start with.
The information you may want to know about us,well we was mentioned on TORA radio when Jake Sanson interviewed TORA Founder Matt Hunter
Here is the link: http://downforce-radio.co.uk/tora-radio/ skip to 23:15 and listen from there, within 5 seconds from 23:15 (23:20) we arethe main topic that is spoken about
It explains all the information on how Virtual Red Bull Racing came to be.
Here is our team
Team Principle: Firebl4de9696
Technical Director: Jonnotheone
Commercial Director: AAR ABEnstein
VRBR Driver: Sebastian Doyle
VRBR Driver: BG Wumba
VRBR Driver: Plow Tubbi
VRBR Driver: xNightmare84
We are connected to Red Bull officially when i rang Red Bull, and was given permission to run a virtual team, we are not given any freebees or products or anything. But we are recognised and seen as an official team after being given permission to run as Virtual Red Bull racing.

Now you know about us, we are hoping to start a Virtual Red Bull Racing Junior team, and we are looking for new rookies that we can fast track their careers, if you are interested in this then please reply :slight_smile:

please send me an invite to your club in forza 4