Looking for the Mercedes 300 SEL

I missed the 300 SEL as a league reward due to being on vacation. Since I really want to own one maybe someone of you fellow forum members doesn’t need it and wants to sell it?


They cant be sold …they were gifts

Maybe try either the livery or photo comps where you can choose your prize

Oh, I thought league rewards can be sold. I checked my BMW X5M which was a weekly reward too and I could sell it on the auction house.

double post

The Mercedes 300 SEL is not a gift.

Gift car = gifted via the message center (those ones can’t be sold indeed)

The Mercedes 300 SEL is a Leagues reward, and can definitely be sold on the auction house.

Ah ok you’re right…getting mixed up with the other ones

Cant see many people selling them since no one would have duplicates but you might get lucky