Looking for Sticker-Bomb Car

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has a good sticker-bomb car they would like to share cause i can’t find any that i like on the so called storefront, preferably a Skyline (any model) or a VW Golf i think would look the best, but in reality ill take anything thats not a super-car or hyper-car. either comment or message me online and let me know.

With you on that all of them are the same and lame. Thought there would be loads of good ones

I may be able to help you out with that. You want just some fenders done? The whole car? Here’s one I made for myself yesterday


Here’s a golf I half threw together…if something like that is what your after let me know!

@Kru Jones, ehh i think the whole car would look kinda stupid i was just thinking just like your VW Golf looks like even with the hood sticker bombed and then the rest of the car would be a Matte Black, both cars look nice but the Golf in my opinion is made to be sticker bombed