Looking for Someone to share experience with

Hello there,
my name is Henrik and I am obsessed with cars :smiley:
Anyway, FM7 is my first game of the Motorsport franchise. At first I was overwhelmed with the Tuning section and it was simply too much for me, so I downloaded Tunings and I was happy with that.
But everytime I was looking for Tunings for a new car I bought, I was annoyed that I canĀ“t tune myself, build a car for my driving style, optimize it not to be the fastest on the leaderboards, but to support my driving style.
You know what I mean. This is months ago now and I really learned a lot.
I study mechanical engineering with a focus on vehicles at a university, so I had a lot of help for all the aspects of tuning a suspension.

I learned that ForzaĀ“s tuning mechanic is realistic enough to compare it with the process of tuning in reality (yes, simplified, I know).

But there are some things I donĀ“t really understand or simply donĀ“t know.

My main struggle is the whole process of creating a setup for a car you like on a track you are obsessed with (Nordschleife in my case).

In my experience you see a problem with the car, let it be over- or understeer and you want to balance it out.
For example your FWD car has understeer for days, and you canĀ“t feel any oversteer at all.

So far, so good.
But it happened to me before that the car drives worse after some adjustments to reduce understeer.
ItĀ“s not that I change every single option at once, but for example I soften up the front ARBĀ“sā€¦ canĀ“t feel a change in carĀ“s behaviour, so I reduce tire pressure and/or adjust the differential, and after some minutes in test drive and tuning, I realise that the car performs worse than with stock tune.

I also have some questions regarding telemetry and how or if it can help me (for example in a replay) to detect whats wrong with my setup.

Well, a lot of text but I wanted to show you guys that I really try to get better and that IĀ“m not one of those who use a free FM7 calculator and expects a completely perfect car :smiley:

So if someone with experience in tuning wants to help me, please feel free to add me on xbox. Gamertag: Henny996
You dont need to be a veteran in Forza games, whenever you think you have useful tips for me, please contact me, I would be more than happy if I could show you a tipp or two =)

Whoever reached the bottom of this text: Thank you for your time :smiley:

Greetings =)


What exactly are you having problem with tuning? Camber? Suspension? Or just in general?

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Thank you both for your replies =)

My problem with tuning begins with identifying the problem.

With problem I donĀ“t mean the behaviour of the car, like over- or understeer, or being unstable on curbs, etc.

Most of the time I want to change a carĀ“s characteristic, I am not able to find the most effective way directly.

Lets just say I tune two cars, both RWD, front engine, similar weight, power and tire.

Both cars have too much oversteer for my taste (letĀ“s just say oversteer in general, I want to get the basics of tuning straight before differentiate between the several stages of a corner).

So I tune the cars.
Car A gets a softer rear ARB and some less tire pressure. And it is stable and far more fun to drive.
Car B gets the same treatment, but nothing has changed. And on that point I am unsure what to do.
Change springrates? Could lead to other problems.
Is the problem elsewhere? For example in the Tires/Alignment?

I also donĀ“t just want to follow instructions, would be boring if every oversteering problem could be fixed with a few ticks on the ARBĀ“s, and if that does not help, you also change setting XY and it is better to drive aswell. :smiley:

I like the fact that it is not easy to tune, but I wish there were more information in the game about tuning and telemetry.

Some people even say that tuning in FM7 has so little effect on the car that it is hardly worth the timeā€¦

Well, long text again, sorry for that xP

-2.0 camber front -1.5 rear
less swaybar in front to loosen entry
more spring in back to loosen middle
more swaybar on back to loosen exit
invert for tightening
SMALL changes to one thing at a time
telemetry is as trustworthy as 0-60 estimates, limited use at best

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Solution one, car A got more tightening effect from the swaybar then it lost in overall traction from lowering the rear pressure, car B balanced the two conflicting changes.
Solution two, car A is more sensitive to rear swaybar changes then car B, and you simply need to adjust it further to get the same effect.
Solution three, car A is oversteering on exit and loves the rear swaybar change, car B is oversteering on entry and the rear swaybar has virtually no effect on this problem.

Unless a car is FWD and only ever really heating the front tires, donā€™t mess with tire pressure balance.
Nothing you do to the rear swaybar will mean squat on corner entry because it is unloaded, on corner exit the front swaybar is unloaded.
Springs effect weight transfer front to rear and side to side, this changes all parts of the corner.
You have to understand where the problem is to make an effective change, if your having a hard time breaking down where in the corner the problem is, try homestead oval, entry, middle, and exit are all very clear there.

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Thank you very much, this is really helpful!
So I have to be more patient and I should keep in mind that even similar cars, like car A and B, can behave very different.
Sounds kind of stupid for me know that I expected similar behaviour of both cars after the ā€œtuningā€ :smiley:

I think I was too focused on the theory of tuningā€¦

I also see that it is not precise enough to talk about ā€œoverall oversteerā€ā€¦
So I will differentiate between entry and exit nowā€¦

So car A and car B again, but this time I only change one setting, the ARBĀ“s and I donĀ“t change tire pressureā€¦

Car A drives better now, I am happy.
Car B is still unstable, oversteer like beforeā€¦

What is a logical thing to do now?
And when do you know that itĀ“s time to look for another solution for the problem of exit oversteer (like changing the Diff)?

Many questions again, I hope you are not bored with me, it really helps me though =)

Iā€™ll have to make a document to explain every part of tuning in full. Iā€™ll get back wheb itā€™s done.

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One has to look at the entire suspension+drivetrain as a whole. It is daunting.

If you cannot feel/see small ARB changes, then likely your spring rates and/or damping is too high thereby rendering any ARB adjustments ineffective.

Instability could be 2 things:

  1. Overall suspension too soft = the car wallows and feels like a giant '80s Lincoln. Imagine old, vintage cars. Gentle oversteer.
  2. Overall suspension too stiff = the car feels like a tightly sprung RC car, bouncing over the curbs. Imagine an F1. Snap oversteer.

Nordschleiffe is a tough track to tune because the car must be well rounded in ALL aspects but it is also rewarding. One also has to know the car & track intimately because driving CONSISTENCY is prerequisite to suspension tuning.