Looking for someone to add to friends list

Hi, I am new to Xbox and Forza but I’m looking for people to add to my friends list that still are an avid Forza 4 player like myself since I do not have a Xbox One. So this may sound stupid but although I don’t have Xbox Live Gold yet (getting it around the holidays) I would still like to have someone to play and discuss the game with when I do get Xbox Live gold.

Thank You

Try some of the Challenges in the “Racers Lounge”

Horizon 2 is for the XBOX 360 also.

Well for one I can’t download anything of the store front that most competitions want you to do and second I don’t really think there that good for me cause I don’t have tuning and upgrade setups built up therefore I don’t stand a chance and probably will end up not even understanding all the rules, but I will look at it some more.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Add me mate i play forza motorsport and horizon games always up for a bit of crack and always looking to help others out as well as get some help with getting achievements complete your welcome mate

I also play FM4 only, still
In fact, gonna start racing online now,

anyone can add me also