Looking for some tips.

I have been tuning the gt350r and for some reason i cant get a good tune on it. It seems to always either get angle locked. Grip up. Or be really twitchy. Any tips or expierence on how you tuned it would be awesome.
Thanks in advance.

try making your rear sway bar softer, and try rinning -1 degree camber up front with 0 in the rear +.3toe front and -.1 toe in the rear. ive never tried building a gt350r but i use this as a base tune for my cars and go from there.

I tried something like that. It was really bad and kept spinning out. I have tined lots of cars and this one is just being a little picky. Right now im running a decent amount of stuff i wouldnt do to make it hold.
Like -2.0 camber front. -1.0 rear. +2.0 toe front and +1.0 rear with 6.2 caster and it holds ok but i get angle locked sometimes. And even a minor correction makes the car become twitchy.