Looking for some tips on how to create realistic looking lights

if you have watched Initial D, you know how sought after a wrap to substitute Keisuke’s 4th and 5th stage lights are. if you don’t know what that is, google is your friend. just type Keisuke 4th/5th stage lights/front end and you will find what you need to know.

so far i have seen very few attempts to tackle this project and for a while I actually didn’t think it was possible. but then i seen a guy with a vinyrl wrap over his flip up headlights that looked very realistic. Ever since then it’s been like an itch I can’t scratch. I’ve wasted about 2 hours trying to create lights that look like garbage. I’m just not having a lot of luck. I really wish I would have taken a pic of the guy’s wrap, it was really impressive and caught me off guard because I thought it was legit.

but alas, to no avail. anyone else had luck or got any advice?

Or you could make the effort and post pics which show the specific thing you’re after (I copied & pasted that into Google, wasn’t any the wiser as there were only a few cars on the page which didn’t show much detail).

Anyway, did an in game search in Vinyl Groups for “Headlights” which yielded a few RX-7 results. They’re mainly from one particular player, search [DKC] BertixR8, if you download one or two of their vinyls you can zoom in on them & maybe get an idea of which layers they’re using… or you might just want to run with what they’ve done :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to know how lights and shadows and shading work.

Either deconstruct the other guys kits or look up pictures of real RX-7’s with the RE-Anemiya Kit. That is the company that made the kit Keisuke puts on his FD.

I do them a lot for old racecars but it is hard to explain the process, you sort of have to pick it up and practice.

unfortunately nothing I have found is sufficient. the only good one says it’s for RX-7… but doesn’t even fit the shape of the lights =s but this is basically what i’m trying to create

i wish theyd just put them in the game lol… that front bumper makes the car look so friggin mean… looks more like a viper than an RX-7. but yeah, this is my progress so far:

That’s certainly more of a body modification rather than a paint one. Although no harm in trying to paint over the head lights. That’s what I did for the AE86 in Forza Horizon 3 to get the fog lights like in the Anime, just painted them directly on the bumper. I wish they would put in that body kit in game to get the look you’re after. It’s a damn good looking car.

yea it is for sure but after seeing some of the things people have made i’m not so skeptical about it. like i’m telling you, i seen a guy with vinyls that looked like LEGIT headlights on his car. it was that well crafted. it literally looked like the dude ripped the image from google and pasted it onto his car.

i just don’t know where to start =/

This Post by JFILER is probably what you are talking about?

Funny thing is, I booted up the game just to be sure they are really painted and not part of a kit. :slight_smile: