Looking for some cars to buy that seem VERY RARE, hopefully someone can help

Hi Am I correct in hearing that the only way to get pre order cars now is to win them that you can’t purchase them in the auction house because I need 3 of them. I need the Camaro ZL1 Pre Order The Mclaren 720S Pre Order and the Porsche 911 GT3 Pre Order. I am also looking for the Ford Capri Forza Edition as well. Any help would be appreciated. Gamertag is the same as this if you want to contact me on xbox

The Porsche PO is available as a prize in the Eliminator game mode. Check the reward list I think its near the end. So if you not played Eliminator before its a few hours work to get the reward.

The other 2 POs you are out of luck as the only way you could get them is via the Auction House. So unless PG feels generous and puts them up in the Forza Shop or incorporates them as a prize an any new story or game mode you wont be able to get them.

Capri FE just either complete the star card or just constantly search the AH for one and one will pop up eventually.

That’s how I got mine. You have to be quick though. You have to be prepared to pay whatever the buyout price is because you won’t get time to think about it. It took quite a long time of constant repeated searching but one seemed to pop up a couple of times an hour. I missed the first two that came up because I wasn’t quick enough but got one for 2 million the third time.

Ok thanks.