Looking for online time trials

I’m currently active at VRacer.co.uk. They’ve got an extremely spiffy leaderboard function that allows racers to post times in the forum and then have their time ranked in the leaderboard for the current Time Trial.

The present TT is a challenge trial, what is the lowest PI you can set a time of less than 9:30 on the Nurburgring Nordschleif (sp?). The only restriction is that it must be fully stock.

Anyways, I’m looking for some other places to get involved in some other competitions. TIA!

That, “lowest PI in a stock car in 9 1/2 minutes or less @ the 'ring” challenge sounds like fun. I gave it a go in a D342 Lexus IS300. Managed a 9:31.3xx in 3 laps. As for you wanting to get involved in some other competitions. Big time Muscles’, “Dodge Neon SRT4 Cup Race Series” and “Trans Am Style Race Series” are a lot of fun. And you gotta check out the “KOTT Rivals Challenge”. Those are just a few of the series’ here on these forums.

I’ll have to look closer and see if I can find the threads for those. Thank You!