Looking for new active club

I am a 35 yrs old racer looking for a club who’s members are online and are not rude and race clean likes to drift and has more to offer me I am not a new person to the forza games at all played all since the 1st one I was in a car club and still am but members are not active at all but I like to cruise around and drift I practice a lot and am a very clean driver nt gt: Doc13laze my rank is 220

Have you looked at MORE OVEN, VLAR, or ItME?

Not yet but I am always willing to check out

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the OVEN but the other two are also very good. You won’t be short of club mates to play with.

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If any clubs wanna send me an invite I would be open to check them out I do like when clubs have events so any club who wants a new driver who is good message me on xbox one doc13laze