Looking for more Forza 7 friends

I like to play Forza 7 a few times a week, I only have 3 friends that play the game and would like to add more so I can have more Drivatars and Rival times to chase after and stuff. When I do play online I try and race as clean as I can and any collisions are unintentional.

Feel free to add me: CRIXUS81

Sure feel free to add me. Anyone who sees this for that matter. Gamer tag is tbohar

You can add me to :slight_smile: tag mmucko1

feel free to add me GT: i am rambo1991

Anyone can Add me as well

Il throw my name out there . RIKITIroo .

Anyone feel free to add me as well. I always race clean. SpyderS2K

Throwing myself into the mix too.


Me too:


Would love to have some new rivals/leaderboard times to go against.

Heatedharmony33 love clean racing, and having some rival times to try and beat as well.

I’ll throw my hat in the ring on this as well. Wazzu Racer. I will be adding a bunch of the folks that have posted here already. Interested in clean racing and having additional people to chase after in rivals events.

Add me as well!

Feel free to add me. New to Forza but I like clean racing

add me: shepard831

ADD::::: JohnnyReb61

Im in gt: svveep the leg

Add me too guys if you like: MysticV 247

im always down for some new friends. GT: cuda93

Same here, I am not the guy who is online a lot but i guess i race for some decent times and the online games I play every now and then are great so im up for it:

Gamertage: kjvu

hey im new to forza 7. got it 2 weeks back with a whole bunch of CTDs. feel free to add my gamertag: GanjaMagik