Looking for Gymkhana 10 fiesta st, Napalm Nova and the Gym 10 hoonicorn. I am willing to pay or trad

Hello my name is Damian gamertag on xbox Rusty Dipstick3 would really like to get these 3 cars to finish my Hoonigan collection. I have some cars I hear are rare and people want let me know just a few the 04 Wrx(bug eye) also have all the civic R"s 97,04,07 and the new one. I think last I checked I had 500 cars. I got the game in December and missed out getting it from the forza shop. Also have loot to part with ???

How much would you want if you’re willing to just sell me the 2018 Civic?

I have a napalm nova I’d trade it for a 18 civic or a po zl1, or gtr po

I will check now I believe I have 2 of those civics I will trade a civic for the nova and shoot me a price I am not looking to beat anyone up on price

I dont have any P.O cars just got the game in December if it’s that white civic r 2015 you guys are looking for I have 2. Also have 3 07 R’s and 1 of the 04 and 2 of the 97’s. As for price not looking to beat ya up not sure how to get the cars to you guys if you walk me through it they are yours.


I apologize for the mix up I was unaware there was a 18 civic R sorry for that. I have multiples of the 15,07 and 97. And 0ne of the 04’s again sorry for the mix up. I will still sell the ones I have as I am not a Honda guy

Update I finished my Hoonigan collection I would just delete the post but I’m an old man OG gamer and dont know how lol. Thank you if someone on here put some up in the AH for me to snag​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: