Looking for drivers of all abilities

Hey all, with the release of forza 7 next friday, I’m looking at starting a community of likeminded clean racers, within CyberStormGG. All ability levels are welcome, I want to create a space for new forza players as well as old to enjoy clean races, weekly events as well as a place to share tune, advice and setting! If you enjoy anything car or gaming related this is the place to be! We have a discord server dm me for invite info, looking forward to seeing you on the track!

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Clean racing, please! So far haven’t had a single clean one. Add me to this! Gamertag: MasterChiefBone, thanks!

Non clean races are frustrating the hell out of me lol add me strikerg4h

Multiplayer is a joke, add me please I race fair and clean, GT king lizzard on XBOX ONE

Try to race as clean as can, but sometimes the odd bump can’t be avoided. Add me KMO1977

Please add me - “Staj25” I only got serious (since after the GranTurismo days on PS1 ) with racing games again when forza 6 came out and it’s been a longggg learning curve but i’m a much better racer but i’ve been hugely frustrated by lack of actual racing. Thanks again for this.


I need clean racing competitors.

Two Forza veterans here, GT: RD Swan, GT: RD Lovett. Send us an invite whenever you’re online

Swamprat1993 add me if love some clean racing

i am looking for some guys to race against. I am still learning, so I am not expecting to be that good but I always try to keep it clean. :slight_smile:
Feel free to add me.



Sounds good, sign me up GT- Unleashed Ev1l

OG I KroniK

Sign me up please Inmyeyes7

Clean racing?!?!? Is that even a thing in FM7? Add me please GT: GTM ZarcSparks

Raced online last night… what do people accomplish by spinning you out (and spinning themselves out in the process)?? Good thing I had my microphone on MUTE!

Please add me. I’m fast and clean. Use controller and a wheel. Gamertag is The Cardini

Sign me up !


Sign me up!

Add me Fmalhinhas