Looking for Drivatars

I’m looking for a few friends with good but not great times to be my drivatars. I have a couple of friends who are always ahead of the pack when doing career races. Without them I usually win the career races. Now, I usually end of 2nd or 3rd but I win occasionally. They also post good times in the rivals events that I have trouble catching some of their times. I enjoy the challenge but at times they are too good and I get frustrated.

I’m looking for some drivers that will provide me with a challenge that is a challenge but not so hard that I get frustrated. I’m not that interested in racing online. I just want good drivatars that give me a challenge and make me want to improve. Hopefully, I can learn from the drivatars.

IMHO, you are not going to learn anything from the Drivatars of even the best drivers. The drivatars are still AI and are directly influenced by the way you drive.

If you want to learn something from other drivers, that is best done either online or in Rivals by watching and racing the Ghosts of actual people.


I have a couple of good drivatars and one fair drivatar. The good drivatars drive better than the random drivatars and the fair drivatar. I agree I won’t learn from the drivatars, I will learn because of the drivatars. I will have to race better because the drivatars are going to drive better on average than random drivatars.

I’m also looking for Rivals. I’m want drivers that can get into the top 5 to 10% of the leaderboards. I can get into that range on most tracks. I’m looking for other drivers that can do the same. I want drivers I can compete against and not get trounced by but I don’t want to trounce all the other drivers either.