Looking for creators to follow who create fun and challenging blueprint routes

Headline says it all. My friends are not super active anymore in Forza, my time is limited. When I look for new routes I mostly find easy money this, anything goes that, unlimited XP go backwards on first turn to win.

I’m looking for fellow players who create race routes that are a challenge and are mostly in lower class cars (A and below). I don’t like S2 class races or cross country in general but am not against them if the race route is well thought out.

Anyone have some suggestions for players to follow who have something similar to what I’m looking for?

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Well I can give you some Shameless self Promotion. lol

I made these, they tend to be longer, the rages I make, I like circuits, and usually will make them 3-5 laps.

Toss Your Cookies - Long 3 Lap 113 397 975

Dirt Track. Doubleback - Long 2 Lap 100 450 687

Edinburgh. Speed Loop - 5 Lap 162 521 625 (There is a checkpoint glitch towards the end of this lap.)

Reservoir Rally - 5 Laps including a waterfall cross, in Oddball cars 476 975 834

There are other variants for mine, Anymore I make them all anything goes. I Tend to use A or S1 classes.

OP, you’re quite welcome to click the link on my sig, which will lead you to my custom routes thread in the racers lounge.

Just scroll to the first three posts at the top. I have made just under 100 routes.

Also, you will find other fantastic route creating people in that part of the forum. I try to support other creators as well, as it promotes and motivates even more creations. You should try making routes yourself.

My latest is called “A stroll through the park?”. The route goes through Edinburgh’s park way. It’s recommended for A class and under, FYI.

I tried a few of yours and they were good fun! I also tried making my own event, a dirt and mixed surface race. Ended up driving a thirty three mile loop and hit all my favorite landmarks. Went to try the route and one of the checkpoints more than halfway in would not register as me passing through it. So unfortunately I had to scrap it. I will try again as it was an awesome track (probably too long for many).

I got some tracks… but the Route Creator is completely broken and not complete so if you can find all of those…
My nickname ingame is Ornotoraph for the research

Meadows Circuit South GP700 : 820 955 032
Meadows Circuit Short GP600 : no code given… location Meadows Sprint
Ambleside South RC700 : no code given… location Ambleside Village Circuit
Ambleside Central GP700 : no code given… location Ambleside Village Circuit
Woodland Short Loop : 321 804 344
Broadway West GP800 : no code given… location Broadway Village Circuit
Broadway Central GP800 : no code given… location Broadway Village Circuit
Boradway Central RC900 : no code given… location Broadway Mixt (Dirt)

And this is a championship … wait … we can’t do that… they removed that feature from the previous forza horizon lol^^

Heavy Sprinters
Heavy Cars (Super saloons) on A800 with lots off “curved” straights lines on autumn rain.1 Error and it’s grass/wall etc. you can sometime reach 300km/h but its rare.

Waterhead Heavy Sprinters SP800 : 845 351 251
Cotswolds Heavy Sprinters SP800 : 904 323 998
Wind Heavy Sprinters SP800 : no code given… location Lakehurst Mixt
Hi-Farm Heavy Sprinters SP800 : no code given… location Highland Farm Mixt
Greendale Heavy Sprinters SP800 : 188 402 135

I took your advice while home sick with the flu. Here are some routes I have created (I ran these with lower class cars to create them but left it up to the player to decide how fast they want their cars to go).

Titan 2.0 - share code 446 479 525
American cars - winter - long dirt and tarmac circuit with jumps - around 20 minutes

Ragtop Beach Cruise - share code 170 253 151
Open top roadsters - spring - road and beach point to point - around 4 minutes

Trans Am Invitational - share code 157 924 607
Classic Muscle - City circuit - spring - around 10-12 minutes

Vintage Gran Prix - share code 180 713 266
Vintage Racers - City Circuit - Spring - around 10-12 minutes

Bamburgh Pinewood Trail -share code 161 042 619
Classic Rally - Dirt/tarmac/jumps - spring - long around 30 minutes

The long races cover a majority of the map and are great fun. Watching the minimap can be helpful when learning the course.

Let me know what you think!

Nice but just one issue. I was going to try your Ragtop Beach Cruise but the share code is wrong. It comes up with a 23.6 mile route instead (by someone else). I searched your gamer tag and the correct share code is: 170 253 151.

Also, a good idea is to start a thread in the racers lounge. In fact, can I request a Mod move this to the racers lounge? We can avoid potential cross posting of route share codes.

I have two more point to point Dakar rally series races that I’m about to add to my list. I’ll be at 105 routes shared.

So, I tried your “Ragtop Beach Cruise”. Interesting car choice. I had a rally set-up for my mini convertible so I used that. It was a little easy to cut the last portion of the track but it was fun!

I have it under my favourites, on my phone. I’m thinking of doing a rally build on my caddy eldo convertible. I can use your track for testing.

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