Looking for Club - Racing/Team Adventures etc


After about half a year in which i played solo (i quickly realized that random PVP is only about S1/S2 class) i would like to find a group/club that regularly plays Racing, Team adventures and other stuff but with all Classes (D C B A S1). I have alot of cars from each class that have been tuned by racing them against myself in Rivals mode.

Are there any ? Doing stuff like Fail Race YT channel does, for example?

Thanks in advance,

GAMERTAG: Pajeroking8056


Hi andi,
I quit playing as I became bored of playing solo all the time. Even online events aren’t that interesting when you play solo. I’m looking for a club to join and play along with for this lockdown time being .

Myself as well. Failrace hosts races almost every Thursday for his YT channel. They’re very competitive and fun, but I’d also like to find a club that held events daily. This game is much better suited for multiplayer than its detractors would have you believe.