Looking for ? Car, Class, Original on a list

Ok, I’m playing around in the rivals tabs.
What I’m looking for is
A list of the “Cars” and the Original class they are.
I’ve upgraded quite a few and
have a feeling that I might have cars that could work ‘better’ in a lower class.
Would there be a site that has the cars listed by original class??
Do I not know of an easier way to do this??

Or in free roam go to the Pause menu, Cars tab, and Car Collection menu to see the cars in their stock liveries and performance ratings.


Thank… you…
That’s a lot of information.
Both are bookmarked…


Kudosprime is a go-to resource for me. All of the filtering and sorting options are really helpful. ManteoMax’s engine swap list is also a go-to. I’ve had both of those bookmarked about as long as I’ve been playing forza games.

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