Looking for any active painter in Forza Horizon 3 willing to take on a big paint job project for me:

Greetings all,

I was just wondering if someone could duplicate a real NASCAR paint scheme onto this weeks #forzathon car (and my favorite car in the game) the Jaguar F-TYPE HE:

I’m a long time Jeff Gordon fan myself, but since he retired a few years back I’ve still just been rooting for the #24 car regardless of who’s driving it, but I saw this one scheme and thought it looked great.

I’ve got some links to YouTube videos here that show it in pretty good detail, so you can see it at just about all angles at one point or another:

Also, here's a link for what it looks like in real life:
Feel free to let me know if you wanna give it a shot by responding here in the forums, or you can message me on Xbox also and I'll get back with you.

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes this thing on!

Kind regards,


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Hey bud, I’m not real good but I might be able to make it for you. Hit me up on Xbox and we can talk it over. GT: Gismo Funyuns