Looking for an instruction manual or a guide that explains all the game systems in FH4

I’m probably dating myself here but I really miss the days when games came with manuals. I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the different systems, events, perk points, forzathon points, etc. and would like to get an understanding of how it all works. I bought the digital Xbox version of the game and as far as I know there is no manual. Does anyone have a good reference they could recommend?

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They literally tell you what everything does while you’re playing.

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Not everything. I’ve had to search for answers to many things.

Just a couple of examples because I don’t want to type all night:

  1. Clarification on start-to-finish procedures on some ( not all ) seasonal Forzathon tasks. Some descriptions are extremely brief - and as a result, unclear - to a person new to the Forza franchise.(The one I’m thinking of offered a 3-word description, while the task actually required you to have already completed multiple prerequisites, taking hours. It would be quite difficult to extract that info from 3 words.)

  2. A car shows “OWNED” in the auction house, but it is not in my garage, and it asks me to pay for the car when I attempt to download it. I’ve downloaded all of my DLC cars. The game isn’t telling me what to do here. I listened closely in case it was a whisper.

I’m with you on the manuals thing. I remember especially liking the ones for games like Tekken, as they wrote full back-stories for the characters. Reading the manual cover to cover used to be one of the first things I did when I got a game. You could see how they could write really nice ones for this series.


Ahhh, the good old days with manuals. Sure do miss them. I guess if you started playing Forza at age 12 with your buds then it all comes natural. I struggle with this game, PUBG, Dayz, and the list goes on. All without manuals. I get a few hints from YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. Although it’s rather depressing watching a streamer play a game he first played 5 years ago. I wouldn’t stand a chance competing against him or her. Let us know if you find a guide for noobs.

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This game is like a secret society. You need a secret handshake to get a flag after your name.

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A bit of Necro, but I found this thread, then found this guide:

Maybe too late for the OP, but hopefully those who follow will find it of use.

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Agreed. It’s not usually necessary but I missed out on the superfast because I had no idea what the forzathon shop was or that it even existed.

Worst game ever for explaining any aspect of the game.

I still have the “Atari Pong” manual… if anyone needs it…

A playing void between then and now… 74 years old and restarting… never too late, right?

But yes, MANUALS would be so helpful! Google search and even You Tube are becoming worthless such as for example [another game I won’t name] “how to switch from auto to manual”. A thousand answers from those key words but not what I am searching for.

Anyhow… Trial and errors… sometimes finding the answer in the game and it is a must to write down the steps as otherwise seems to vanish forever… It just happened to me yesterday and I am again searching the same answer to the same question I found once but out of my excitement lost!

A bit of Humor never hurts.

Stay well, Ara

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A copy of Atari Pong Manual would be nice indeed…
The Olden Days, you know…

I only found the car list this week, it’s hidden outside, and doesn’t work indoors… that doesn’t even make any sense.

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As I just also [I know has been a while for you] started this game, I am finding out [74 years old timer here!!! don’t laugh…] it is not that intuitive and yet, once you figure out the steps, it is!

I myself drove around and around… and around.

ALL the information is on the “Microsoft” website in much detail. Take your time…

The key “button” I was missing and this will help you, once you get to a destination, starting with a Festival, click on the LEFT [steering?] button which has a “double page on top of each other” icon… From there it is pretty simple. Seriously…

There is a pad on the steering, mine says “engine start” and as at the bottom L of the screen you see “Anna” it will show you as a circle to press THAT BUTTON at 6, 9, 3 or noon… then on follow her directions as also she will post directions on the map.

Does all this makes sense? If not, get back to me…

The game is very generous. I am always dead last in every race and manages to rack close to 50,000 influences in a couple hours while buying another car, got a home and so forth.

I am not driving fast and playing off line. I have another “Track Formula One” game to drive fast. Just wish I could drive on the R hand side! But, as I also discover, you can pretty much drive in the middle of the road to make it easier. When you follow a slow car [they are all slow!] eventually that car will go faster and you can follow or pass…

Another option, which I did, is to start over. Not uninstalling the game but voiding all your progress. NOT your setting… See below…

Well, it does not let me post a photo! So here is the link [moderators still have to approve me on this forum… slow!!!]

Start Over…