Looking for an 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition AWD Tune

Hi all.

I’m not a fan of the Ford GT RWD, which it seems the 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition is (at least the one I bought from auction). In any case, I want to reset the upgrades, do an AWD conversion … and then not sure where to go from there.

Hoping someone has a good step by step tuning guide for this car, OR, has an available tune with AWD conversion available to download. I’m looking for an all around racer, not drag or drift specific, but can run exhibition and championships on any terrain/weather.

Only thing to note, I want the car to remain an S2 class, not X class.

Can anyone help please?


I can hook you up! Give me a few hours and I’ll make one for you :slight_smile:

Edit: just uploaded it to my XBL Freakin Ricer, let me know if there’s anything you’d like different, enjoy!

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I have a few tunes shared for that car. check out my tunes named “gt hoon edition” which is my personal favorite, or maxed grip.

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Amazing. Thanks so much to both of you. I’ve actually followed PTG Jamie, Andi Motorsport and Raceboy77 recently, as it seems they have many fans/followers and tunes. I will follow you both as well.

I have a good AWD GT HE tune that I run 9 minutes flat on Goliath. It works good everywhere but my tune can lift the front if the road drops away. I’m working on another GT HE tune that stays on the ground better and I will try to share it this weekend. I have been running my 458 and One:1 tunes like crazy. Those cars are my favorites right now.