Looking for adult league

I’m looking for a league that runs on Wednesdays, Thirsdays, or Fridays. Pretty much down to race whatever as long as it’s clean and fair but would love to get into a GT, vintage touring car or classic sports car series

. Also willing to join a new league to help it grow as long as we race constantly .

hello D SILVARU,

Check out the Virtual Racing Association we operates four officially sanctioned online racing series & one global season each year, thereby offering competitors an opportunity to participate in races, featuring closely competitive fields, attracting global competitors & featuring some of the most intense racing you may ever find online.

Drivers also get the opportunity to compete in a range of smaller non championship friendly race events organised outside the main series to help improve the skill levels of each member while also progressively helping develop their race setup’s & craft. Because the Virtual Racing Association forms part of Gale Race Engineering those that compete & meet the skill levels the team is looking for may be given the opportunity to test one of the teams Go Karts & may join them the following season as a development driver or possibly a full time novice racing driver.

If your interested in racing & more than just the computer then message us to get started who knows it may even lead to you becoming a real racing driver.

I think we spoke a month or to ago and there was no follow up by you after first contact, so I will try again. Since we spoke last time our group has grown we are about 25 members strong. We have a few planned speck car races running or in the process of being run or in planning and testing groups all of which are done by the members and is up to you if you would like to be part of the planning groups, It is a great way to get involved, meet other members, and race on off nights. The skill group of our members Range from Pro: Highly experienced top leader board guys to Guys that just started playing the game. This group cares more about you quality of character of a person and sportsmanship and willing to help others than your raw skill. Check your big attitudes and big balls at the door, not welcomed in this group.

The following is a post from a few weeks ago I placed. It will give you the information about us how to contact me again.

Are you a older driver, say 35 or older? Enjoy the game but sick of the public lobbies and all the crashing, lack of sportsmanship and the rest of the **** that goes with it? Tend to race solo? Do you tend to lose site of the rest of the group after a few turns or a laps due to the fact you still use some or all of the assists? Well we have a great growing group for you.

We are a growing group of racers and some still use most of assists. Using the assists is fine, what ever gives you the best advantage and enjoyment. As long as you are having fun, feeling like you are competing and are trying to race clean. We are based mainly in the Midwest and East coast but currently gaining members from all over. We are older drivers most of us are 40+ in age and are out to have some fun. We are looking for other racers in our age and ability group to join us and hopefully get better and remove some assists over time. Sportsmanship, fun, and helping each other get better is the corner stones of this group.

We normally have open races on Tuesday nights for the Lug Nut League starting at about 6:30 - 7:00 pm cst. Kind of a open round robin format. Tracks and car class’s are picked on the fly by call outs by the members. On Wednesday nights we have HUMP night races. These are speck car races that are set up in advance with planned cars and tracks to allow each to prepare for. We currently are doing a 4-5 week series and are preparing to plan the next one. Sometimes if we have a gap in skills among the the drives we split them up in to two brackets so the higher skilled guys compete against higher skilled guys as the lower against the lower. Both groups on the same track at the same time, at lot of fun. Everyone should feel they have a chance to win a race.

No one is out to stomp the others, and we do not want any pub stomper’s. Clean racers. we all compete and each of us try to win every race, no one lets up. We try to race clean and have fun and have a good time. A lot of us most of the assists due to our lack of experience and skills, but we are getting better and the competition is growing. So if you are learning, use most of the assists but still want a group to compete with this could be the group for you.

Most of us are also on other nights during the week and willing to have pick up races or help each other tune. Its a lot of fun.

One Key thing is YOU NEED TO HAVE A WORKING MIC and be able to communicate during the race. We do call outs during the races this cuts down on a lot of the frustrating crashes.

Contact me tough Xbox if interested DLAK1150

DLAK1150 I’ll send you a message on Xbox in a bit would defiantly want to race with you guys

hi there, i run a 1970 f1 race on a wenday night and a v8 super car on sunday. i co- host with MRSneakiesNakie who has a post here somewhere, look it up you may be intrested :slight_smile:

Currently looking for Australian Drivers for our new Forza series. Mature gentleman 20 years n over. First series race is Mazda MX5 Cup as well as Australian Nostalgic Racing Cars and consist of a compulsory tune for Australian Group NC. . A9X Torana, Ford XB Coupe, HQ Monaro. These cars have been pre tuned for equal performance . Our club will consist of Period correct racing from T/A Muscle cars, HQ racing Australia to all out Truck racing. There will be so many more types of racing that I’m sure there’s something for everyone. Most of all your voice gets heard.All opinions matter and all drivers are equal. This is not for the weekend racer, it will simulate real racing and will need a certain amount of commitment. We have a facebook group page and a Forza expression session group for sharing replays and photography skills. If this sounds like you’re kinda racing , you’re kinda Forza then you are welcome to come join . Forza Australia Racing Club. F.A.R.K… Hit me up on gamer tag SGT BLK … Thankyou.