Looking for adult gamers

In forza 3 I was with a crew called to old for forza or to.old for games can’t remember exactly. Regardless I wanna game with like.minded people adult over 21. Blassmich is my Xbox tag who wants to b my first Xbox one friend. Let race
I’m 39 from upstate NY

Hey I’m 28 from nj. Looking for the same thing. I try to race as clean as possible. By: grim gh0st xiii

I am the same way. I’m tired of getting into lobbies were you wait ten minutes to race and then you have someone in an SUV plow through everyone. I’m 26 From Northern Kentucky. My gamertag is CTT iwillshootu.

Anyone have any cool leagues to join?

Hello all, I am the owner/founder of a smaller club called Top Tier Racing, we are always looking for like minded racers to add to our team dynamic. We are primarily above the age of 25 and are mostly from the US. We aren’t a super serious club bent on Forza domination, but we do challenge ourselves to becoming better and helping the team grow and get better as a whole. We have been around for some time now, since the end of Forza 2 so worrying about the club disappearing is a non-issue. We mostly run circuit racing and don’t have too many members who like to drift or drag. We do try and get together on a regular basis to have some clean, close racing, but with our kids and families doing so can get a bit tedious. If our club sounds like something any of you would be interested in check us out at toptierracing.freeforums.org and see if we fit what you are looking for. I know there are a bunch of good clubs recruiting right now, so if TTR isn’t what you are looking for send me a f/r anyways, one can never have too many friends to race with.


Hi lads

Over at www.forzaracing.org.uk we have lots of different leagues running for forza 4 and 5. We host at GMT at present. But we have picked up a few members from US. Now we are going to expand and run leagues for US members at EST. If you would like to take part call over and take a look.

That would be nice change of pace!!

Your club sounds good what u got to do to get in im a clean racer is was 67 overall on forza 4 for drifting 87 SCLASS p2p and I’m not doing to bad on frza 5 if unwonted to more let me no I’m 26 uk s.wales

This is exactly what I’m looking for - finding the spiteful racers and little kids hard to tolerate sometimes :slight_smile: FM5 is the first time I’ve had a wheel and race seat,but have been racing since fm2. Would love some honest competition. (There may be the occasional ‘incident’ but never intentional!) I’m 44 from Melbourne Aus. How do I get into toptier?

My only problem.with off line racing is the drivatars always crash me any one else have this issue??

Hi All

I was about to kick off a new thread in an effort to seek others to race with. After several online races it became very apparent that it was more a case of stock car racing & people are just happy to smash there way around a track. For me this is a big turn off & its not just only young kids who choose this path & to be frank it does spoil the fun of online gaming / racing. Maybe I am old fashioned in expecting the game to be played as a race game & for the racers to conduct themselves in a suitable manner when racing on the track?

I am no speed demon & accept that at time there will be some scrapes & bumps & like other who have posted here just looking for others to race with knowing that I will not be intensionally tagged from behind & spun off the track.

If no one objects then I will ping some friend requests out & feel free to add me (ChunkyMunkey1964)… as you can probably guess born in 1964 so do the maths & live near Bristol, UK. Think I have played pretty much all releases of Forza with the exception of Forza Horizon. Plan is to enjoy a little more of the game in multiplayer mode.

If I am online then it is usually from 22:00 (GMT for a couple of hours) & the odd occassion I sneak an hour before work in the mornings if I am working from home :slight_smile:


Hey I’m 56 Old from Quebec,Canada. Looking to have friend to race with, I try to race as clean as possible.
My Game tag is Meo la Clope

Same here. Feel free to add me and I’ll add you. I’m 36 from northern minnesota. I love all sorts of racing, so I’m down for anything.

31 year old here from nc. I race clean but if i get hit on purpose i hit back.

Hey guys! Ive been around Forza since Forza 3, raced in many series, and there are so many people like us but its difficult to get everyone in touch. Well the league that we have starts next week and we already have about 13 drivers already signed up. We will have 2 races per week, but you can only race in one of them, so if your work schedule changes week by week, than you can race one day one week, come back the next week and race a different day. I have all the info posted in my forum. Rules, tracks, car and build, and once the market place opens up, a championship purse and cars will be available to the top drivers of that season. Message me for details and try us out…

Good to see other folks that would rather race then smash. 40 years old in WA state. and long time Forza racer since Forza 3 and would rather wreck myself than ruin your race. :slight_smile: Add me to you your friends list or message me for races.

Go Hawks

I’m 59 and happy to see other like-minded folks. If it’s okay, I’d like to send some friend requests–I’m tired of getting knocked off by trolls.

hey guys, 31 from philly here looking for some mature adult racers. so sick and tired of the little kids and idiots out there. and i have only had this game for 4 days! lol anyways feel free to add me GT: JDontheRocks82 see you on the track!

Hy! I also hate the drivers, who can’t race clean…
I’m 32 years old, i hope it’s enough…
I’ll tag you as friend!
My GT: Fish13

Hey… 44 years old, racing since FM2

Been focusing on racing Career mode on Unbeatable for quite a while now…
Have exactly 6 online races under my belt in FM5 so far, the crashers ruined it for me.

Would like to start racing online again so add me if you like.


I generally race in the mornings… 8am-10am CST

And I have been running ALOT of Career races recently, probably about 60 or 70 over the last 2 days. Add me if you want to build up for Drivatar daily payout…
Thanks, see you out there…

feel free to add me

gamertag: plautus001