Looking for active car club

The car club I am currently in is full but almost none of the members still play FM4. I was wondering if anyone had an open spot in their club that I could possibly fill? It would also be a big bonus if they raced with full simulation damage to ensure more realistic racing.

Thanks for your time,
GT: NightStaIker916
(L in stalker is a capital i)

There are a few of my teammates that still race on FM4. I know midnite rider is one.

Sorry it took me a week to get back, but I tried to submit an application to join and I was unable to post anything in the “Join team GLR” section. Can I just add someone of importance and get an invite? One more thing you should be aware of is that is use a Fanatec Wheel and my damn microphone won’t work with the wheel. So I’ll b a quiet team member lol

Hy, Midnite Rider and GLR Redneck are Admin’s of our GLR site. You could contact them, if there is trouble with application. Also there’s a GLR Team club section (under board index) on www.virtual-motorsports.com , the site were we do most of our Tournaments. Greetzzzz

Hi, is there still room in the club? I was hoping to find a team too. I can do tuning and designs :slight_smile:

I’ve got room in my club. Shoot me a message on live sometime. GT: BttleFed