Looking for a team to join

Hello my GT arcangel107 I’m looking for a team or people that like to race and not wreck everyone lol. I play every night and would like to find a team to race with I’m a A S and R racer but I race P and X also. If any teams have a open spot I would love to give it a shot thanks gamer tag Arcangel107.

Good luck in your search buddy!

You’d probably be better off posting this in the racers lounge section, you’ll get the right kind of people looking at it over there. You could also try Reddit/r/Forza , there’s a good community of people over there that you might find a home in. Best of luck!

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PM sent…
Check it out, www.evercoolracing.com
Great group of decent drivers… great times and helpful members! We have an almost family atmosphere! Some members I have raced with for going on 5 years! Add me on live if you like…