Looking for a team in USA - preferably CST time zonish

About me:
I am an adult. I try to race clean. I am not an outstanding driver. On my last team in Forza 3 I was last 90% of the time. I am working on my skills by playing rivals up through all the classes. This helps me learn the tracks and several different cars. I dont get to play very often. I have two kids. I try to get on for an hour a night but its often interrupted. I race with ALL assists off with the exception of the braking line only. I have a hard time seeing landmarks because I cant sit very close to the TV without getting headaches…

My goal is to actually have a few people online when I race and maybe have someone to talk to in races that isnt some obnoxious kid blasting his music and trying to run me off the road…

I have done very little online racing with folks because the statement above is most of my experiences. I have been slowly going through career but prefer to hotlap. I would love to test tunes and such.
p.s. I should mention I am slow but I dont get angry when I am last. I am also good at getting out of the way :wink:

Why not come and check out the ETCC? (etcc.ridedomain.com)

We’re not really a team, but a community of racers, offering Rivals challenges and race series to participate in. We have a very rich history going back many years.

We’ve got guys of all abilities and promote clean, respectful racing.

Our latest series starts this Sunday, running for 6 weeks. 1970s Trans Am, should be a blast!

There is a topic 2 posts down from yours regarding at hotlap lobby running tonight between 10-12pm gmt. If your interested il invite you.

I took a peek EM and its based out of UK - that would put the races at 3am for me :frowning: thanks for the offer but will have to pass on that.